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element14 設計中心

Research, design and build your embedded systems with element14 設計中心. Find what you need: development kits, development tools, application notes, data sheets, code examples, product training and more.

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Development Kits & Tools

Find thousands of development kits from trusted brands, including the latest releases and exclusive bundles.

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Development Tools and Software

We carry a full range of hardware including debuggers, emulators and programmers plus a full range of software covering IDEs, compilers, RTOS, middleware and more.

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PCB Layout Tools

Our best-selling Cadsoft EAGLE PCB software offers easy-to-use functionality for a fraction of the cost of most PCB schematic and layout design tools.

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Lab Supplies Selector Tool

Stock your lab with a complete line-up of supplies including bench power supplies, solder stations and static protection.

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Dedicated Technology Solution Sites

Complete solutions for the hottest applications to move designs forward, fast. Find the latest products, video demos, training and access to technical support, documents and discussions.

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Technical Journals

Our handy technical journals and catalogues provide specialist product and application information.

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Technical Support

Get instant answers to technical questions from our team of engineers via Live Chat. Support is also available by phone or email.

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Legislation and RoHS

Is your design compliant? Know for sure with the latest information and resources from our community of legislation experts.

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