Re-Reeling Service

No more wasted components or unused stock.

There are over 150,000 surface mount components available to be re-reeled to your needs, offering no more wasted components or unused stock. Buy only what you need and improve your assembly efficiency.

Re-reeling services are ideal for small-scale production runs, where builds only require a part reel quantity. This service puts the required quantity of components onto a standard 180mm reel, ready to pick and place, complete with leader and trailer tape. Minimum order quantity of 150件 applies.

Following extensive customer research, we have enhanced our re-reeling service to include:

  • Sprocket drive holes securely connected to the component tape with brass shim
  • Same day despatch (for orders placed before 16:30 UK time)

Available upon request, on a wide range of capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, transistors, optos and ICs from market-leading manufacturers.

Simply state 'Re-reeling' as Special Instructions on your order or call our Customer Care Team.

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How to Order


  1. To see if re-reeling is available on a particular product, enter your e絡盟 part number into the box above adding the suffix ‘RL’ and click ‘Go’.
  2. If the search displays ‘no results found’, the re-reeling service is not available for this product.
  3. If the service is available simply enter the quantity of components into the ‘Qty’ box and proceed to checkout.


  1. Select the product and decide on the quantity of components.
  2. Call our e絡盟 sales line on 0800 868 880 / +886 2 2218 2557.
  3. Quote the e絡盟 order code adding the ‘RL’ suffix and the number of components required on the reel.

Please note:
A minimum order quantity of 150件 applies.

For more information, please contact 0800 868 880 / +886 2 2218 2557.